BXVI Through To The Grand Final

BXVI fought through all sorts of adversity to win the semifinal against Floreat Frogs and secure their place in the Grand Final.

While it was not the fault of the players who were sick or injured (one of whom *cough* Dave Haydon *cough* took flu tablets before the game), it would have been good for the other players to know that they were sick/injured and so compensated for it. Put it this way, if we had known Dave was essentially a zombie and Melis was playing on one leg, the rest of us would have played more defensively. Marguerite also, in the middle of exams, was off with the fairies. I’ll say no more on the subject, hopefully they have learned their lesson.

BXVI played terribly all night, with passes to players on the run going straight to the other side instead of to the intended target, players trying to take on 3 defenders instead of passing to the team mate who was free on goals, shots going wide, defenders not trying to stop the shot, you name it, it happened. BXVI will have to greatly lift their game next week if they hope to lift the trophy.

BXVI’s first goal came from a superb play early on by Chico and Monty. Chico dribbled down the right hand side, drew the defence and passed to Monty, one on one with the keeper, who put it away in style. Minutes later, BXVI’s defence was caught napping, forcing Mike (goalkeeper) to come well out of the goals to cut off a Floreat through ball. Unfortunately, a Frogs player got to the ball first and managed to squeeze it past Mike for their first goal. Half time score was 1-1.

Early in the second half, Chico’s powerful shot from the left hand corner found the back of the net, but again Floreat equalized after the BXVI defence failed to put pressure on the Frogs. Half way through the second half, Dave’s “kick and hope” blast from a corner saw Melis score from a goal mouth scramble after the ball ricocheted off the cross bar, against the Floreat keeper and across the line. But yet again, the Frogs drew level after Dave tried to take on 3 Floreat players in his defensive half, leading to a 3 on 1 against Monty in goals.

The final score was 3-3, but instead of going to extra time as is the practice around the world, the referees took the game straight to a penalty shootout and only the players on the field at the end of the game could participate.

Monty in goals faced his first penalty shootout and was absolutely superb. The shootout was standard format (5 penalties, teams take turns, most scored at the end of 5 wins) went as follows:

Frogs: miss – 0-0
Dave (BXVI): score – 1-0
Frogs: saved – 1-0
Melis (BXVI): score – 2-0
Frogs: score – 2-1
Chico (BXVI): saved – 2-1
Frogs: saved – 2-1
Monty (BXVI): score – 3-1

So Monty’s 2 saves and his scored shot brought home the game for BXVI. Thanks Monty 🙂

Next week, BXVI contests the grand final against Smurfs. Stay tuned.

BXVI Crushes the
Spirit of the Frogs… Again

For the third time in a season, BXVI played fourth placed Floreat Frogs.

Within the first 5 minutes, BXVI had banged in 4 goals, stunning the Frogs. It was a period when the team just clicked together. Mike (from goals) and Melis (from defence) provided the impetus for the string of quick goals.

Melis cut off a Frogs pass then threaded a quick pass down the line to Dave, who squared the ball to Chris to knock in the first goal. Moments later, the play was repeated, but with Melis passing to Chris who squared to Dave for the second. These two awesome goals in the first minute totally rocked Floreat’s confidence and shattered any hopes they had of winning against BXVI. The other two early goals were scored by Chris and Monty off throws from Mike. Chris scored two times more in the first half to leave it at 6-0 at the break.

From the restart, BXVI came close to going further ahead after Mike (being replaced by Monty in goals) drove a fierce shot past the wall into the bottom corner of the goal, but the goalkeeper got enough behind the ball to keep it out.

An unfortunate lapse in defensive concentration and a quick counter attack gave the Frogs their only goal of the game. Right through the game, Melis, Cat, Justin and Marguerite denied the Frogs possession, pushing up the ground well to make Floreat fight for every centimetre gained.


Dave answered with two fantastic bottom corner goals (one from a sublime pass by Cat) and with one minute to go, the game looked set to finish 8-1.

But that was when Monty turned on the magic…

Monty threw a high ball to Mike deep in attack. Mike’s backwards header was saved by Floreat’s keeper for a corner. Mike took the corner, passing up the line to Melis. Three Floreat defenders rushed at Melis who calmly passed back to Mike in the corner, leaving Mike one-on-one with the keeper. 9-1.

Floreat kicked the ball out from the restart, missing everything. Monty threw an inch perfect ball at the Frogs goals. Mike stretching at full extension got the faintest of touches on the ball with his foot. Whether the Frog’s keeper was unsighted or just not concentrating, the ball flew past him for BXVI’s 10th goal and Mike’s second in one minute off Monty’s throws.

Final score 10-1.

Floreat must wait for the rest of the results of this week to know whether it qualifies for next week’s semi finals. If they do qualify, they will be playing BXVI again.

BXVI finishes the season winning every single game and scoring 150 goals (in 14 games) in the process. We conceded 25 goals. The regular season is now over and it’s down to the finals. BXVI completes its most successful regular season ever and it’s dominance is beyond question. It goes without saying that the next two games are crucial to BXVI’s success this season.

I will keep you up to date with the developments as they happen.

BXVI Punishes Misbehaving Frogs

It was meant to be a bye for BXVI this week. A bye that many in the team looked forward to, to recover from injuries, have a night off, take a well earned break. However, it was not to be. Tom Cats, who you remember from an earlier report are not terribly good, forfeited for the second week in a row, so Revolution Sports offered to Melis that we could take their place against Floreat Frogs.

Unfortunately, Justin Carrick was unable to play, but Chris Laundy was, along with all the other regulars (Mike, Cat, Dave, Melis, Marguerite & Monty).

soccer scissor's kick

The game started well for BXVI, with Mike controlling a well timed throw from Monty, turning and shooting past the hapless keeper. Moments later, Mike and Chris combined for Chris to slot home the second goal. Mike came off for Dave who tore the Frogs’ defence to shreds a number of times and was unlucky not to score. He finally got the breakthrough before half time, nutmeging (passing the ball through the defender’s legs and collecting it on the other side) the Frogs’ best player to score a brilliant individual goal.

The first half was not without incident, however. Floreat’s diminutive players decided to play a physically aggressive style of play. Not a terribly good decision for their part as the BXVI players were up to half a metre taller and 40 kg heavier than the Frogs. After the initial disbelieving shock that such tiny people were actually trying to beat up their much larger opponents, BXVI stood their ground as the tiny Frogs bounced off them. The referee wisely (IMO) allowed play to continue in this manner as it was clear that any physical contact sustained by the Frogs was brought on by their own actions. Though the referee did become a little inconsistent as the game wore on, giving Monty a yellow card for a save that took out the opposing player and probably deserved a free kick, but definitely not a card, given the play that the referee had allowed to go unpunished. More on this later.

Monty stayed in goals in the second half, performing excellently on the few decent opportunities the Frogs had. Dave and Chris had a superb run of play for a few minutes, with Chris scoring twice. Mike replaced Chris, then Chris replaced Dave soon after. Mike and Marguerite combined for an easy goal for Mike, then a minute later came the second easiest goal Mike has ever scored (in 12 years playing competitive soccer). Chris stole the ball from the Frogs in BXVI’s defence and ran forward through the remnants of the Frogs’ defence. He had only one player to beat to be one-on-one with the keeper, but the keeper came right out of his area to stop Chris. Mike had also sprinted forwards to the goals and Chris slotted through a perfectly timed pass to Mike who was a metre from goals with the nearest player 10 metres away. Mike calmly controlled the ball, walked it forward and tapped it into the net.

eyes on the ball

Unfortunately, as Mike was jogging back to the line for the restart, his right knee twinged and that was the end of the night for Mike.

BXVI’s success in the game was largely due to the superb defence of Melis, Cat and Marguerite. Because they so effectively shut down the key Floreat players, it meant BXVI always had a guy free for a quick counter-attack. Every time the Frogs went forward, the girls cut off their options and forced them to make errors. Their praise cannot be sung highly enough, as with Monty, who was rock-solid in goals and provided the impetus for the counter-attacks on more than one occasion.

Floreat’s frustration was evident at the end of the game, when Chris ran past Floreat’s worst offender in the “playing dirty” stakes (we’ll call him Mr Richard Head for obvious reasons). Richard didn’t like someone taking the ball off him so easily, so he charged at Chris well after Chris had run forward and passed the ball to Dave, knocking him to the ground. Obviously this sort of cowardly behaviour incensed Chris, who turned on Richard and asked what he thought he was doing. Richard promptly tried to start a fight with Chris when Dave stepped in telling Richard to back off. At which point, Richard’s sister stepped in an mouthed off at Dave, causing Richard to accuse Dave of “touching his sister” (Dave must have had long, invisible arms to manage that feat!). Finally the referee stepped in to break up the situation. It was all quite amusing really. We think Richard picked on Chris because Chris was the closest in height to Richard, maybe only 10 cm taller, but Chris would easily be 20kg of muscle heavier than Richard. And of course
Dave just looked like a giant compared to Richard! What made it funnier was that Richard’s sister was even smaller and lighter than Richard, probably the same size as an older primary school kid!

BXVI won convincingly 7-0, with Monty keeping a clean sheet, Mike and Chris scoring 3 each and Dave scoring one to remain top of the league.

Laddles Summarily Dealt With

Last night, top placed BXVI played third from bottom Laddles and the game went pretty much as expected.

Laddles aren’t a bad team. When they are warming up they look good, they look dangerous. Some of their guys have very powerful kicks. The girls move like soccer players. But when the game starts, you realize that none of them can dribble other than in a straight line (which is useless against the top class defence of Meliss, Cat, Marguerite and Justin), they can’t pass to a player very well and they are almost totally incapable of shooting on target.

indoor soccer

Monty played the whole game in goals (he has a hockey game tonight, so didn’t want any injury hampering him) and kept a clean sheet. He made a number of fine saves, but on the few occasions the Laddles were 1 on 1 with him, they shot straight at him from point blank range (or missed completely).

Dave scored first within 3 minutes of the start, Mike following up around the 6 minute mark from a wonderful square pass by Justin. Mike then came off and Dave scored an identical goal from an identical Justin Carrick pass moments later. After that, it just became a goal feast, with Mike netting a hattrick (3), Dave getting 7, and Justin, Meliss and Marguerite 1 each.

BXVI’s passing was a feature of the game, with most of the goals coming from sweetly timed passes. Marguerite’s goal came from Dave’s corner pass to Justin, who passed to Marguerite to slot home. Melissa’s goal was from Mike’s corner right into her path for her to expertly knock in at the near post after a wonderfully timed run.

In the last few minutes, Laddles woke up and decided they wanted to get a goal with the goal keeper coming out and everyone pressing for a goal. BXVI’s defence held strong, with Monty able to take advantage of the opposing keeper’s absence on two occasions. The first time, he threw the ball at the goals and one of the Laddles players deliberately handled the ball just outside the penalty area. Dave took the free kick, which became a penalty because the Laddles didn’t bother to make a wall. He scored easily. The other came from Mike breaking, Monty throwing to Mike’s feet with the Laddles keeper racing back. It was all in vain as Mike easily converted.

The final score was 13-0, with BXVI now sitting 3 points clear on top of the ladder with a bye next week after scoring 133 goals in 11 games and conceding 22 goals. To put that into perspective, before last night, Deceptacons held the next best record with 71 goals scored and 21 goals conceded in 9 games.