Cheese Toast Champions

We are the world champions of Cheese Toast eating at Sizzlers Restaurants around the world.

How can we claim to be the world champions? Sizzlers is an international company with its headquarters in Queensland. We have never heard of anyone beating our record for eating Sizzler Cheese Toast. Therefore, we are the champions!

It all started when Mike and Russ were mistakenly given two plates of Cheese Toast when they went for their regular buffet hang-out. Total = 10

The amount of toast increased to 11 and then 14.

Finally, one day in July of 2006, Mike and Russ recognized their opportunity to become Cheese Toast Champions. They ordered 21 pieces from a lovely girl named Amanda at Sizzler Innaloo. When it all came out at once… well, it was a lot of Cheese Toast.

Cue Monty’s entrance.

Over a period of several months, Mike, Russ and Monty considered attempting to beat the record of 21. The rule is that you have to have either:

  • two full buffet plates of food;
  • soft drinks;
  • desert; and
  • Cheese Toast


  • one full buffet plate of food;
  • one Sizzler meal;
  • soft drinks;
  • desert; and
  • Cheese Toast

Of course, one is not always hungry enough food to allow for a significant amount of Cheese Toast to also be eaten.

Cheese Toast Championship Victory

Then one fateful day, 17 October 2006, Mike, Russ and Monty did the unthinkable … They consumed THIRTY pieces of Cheese Toast!!!

Who would have guessed it, but Amanda from the previous world championship was serving our table at Sizzler Innaloo!

Russ was feeling sick from a car crash several days earlier, so Mike and Monty helped him with his cheesy pile of toast. If they had not done so, who knows whether Russ would have had the stamina to finish his share?

That being said, Russ made a mighty effort in consuming virtually an entire bowl of watermelon (Yes, they gave him the bowl to eat from). For those of you who don’t know how much that is… it’s a lot. Well over a Kilo. Trust me!!!

We will one day break our record, but until that day comes and until someone tries to dispute our claim,

Mike, Russ and Monty are the World Cheese Toast Champions

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