Preparing for the Grand Final

The grand final is only 2 days away and the excitement is building.

We are playing on 1 July 2009 at 7:10 against Smurfs. Check out Revolution Sports Centre if you aren’t sure how to get there. The expected team is:

Mike Haydon (goals)
Cat Haydon
Dave Haydon
Melis Haydon
Justin Carrick
Marguerite Klup
Chris Laundy

So basically… Yep, we’ll have our full team, which is awesome because Smurfs have an incredible team. See here for what happened last time we played them.

The playlist to pump up for the grand final is:

Ricky Martin – La Copa De La Vida (The Cup of Life)
High School Musical 3 – Now or Never
Jean Michel Jarre – Rendez Vous 98
Spagna – Il Bello Della Vita
Belini – Samba e Gol
Pink – So What
Youssou – La Cour Des Grands
Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
John Farnham – Pressure Down
My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade
Potbelleez – Are You With Me
Global Deejays – Everybody’s Free
Scooter – Logical Song
Britney Spears – Piece of Me
Drowning Pool – Man Without Fear
Amy Pearson – Ready to Fly
Wes – Midiwa Bol! (I Love Football)

So there you have it. Hopefully my next post is to say we won the grand final. If it’s late, you can safely say we lost, because I’ll be sharing it as soon as I calm down enough to write if we do win :)

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