BXVI Runs Rampant

For the third week in a row, BXVI defeated it’s opposition 9-1! Facing new-comers “One Size Futsal” (OSF) in the Lords mixed indoor soccer competition on Monday, 12 May 2008, BXVI absorbed a frantic start by OSF to finish strongly.

Five goals by Chico, two goals by Gerard Cummins and a goal to Dave Haydon on his first game back from injury wrapped up the evening. 5+2+1= hmmm, missing something… oh wait there was an OWN GOAL scored by OSF when the defender slid the ball past his hapless goalkeeper to deny Gerard Cummins a hattrick!

Tanya and Rachel both came extremely close to scoring their first goals of the season for BXVI. Dave Haydon rushed a shot in the dying seconds of the game (not realizing he had an extra 20 seconds) which would have seen BXVI finally break the 10 goal barrier. Well there’s always next week.

The goal scored by OSF was a fluke deflection in a crowded goal area that lobbed the outstretched 6ft5 frame of Mike Haydon. He got his finger tips to it, the ball hit the post, but Mike just couldn’t quite keep it out.

The strength of BXVI is in the fact that they play as a unit. Defence is tight, attack is like a pressure cooker. When BXVI loses the ball (usually because they’ve shot at goals lol), they all stream back in defence, picking up the opposition, not letting anything through. How can you beat such a champion team?

Last night’s results aren’t up yet, but you can see proof of BXVI’s dominance above. To see actual proof, go to the Lords website. As you can see, BXVI has won every single game this season. The points system is: win=3pt, draw=2pt, loss=1pt, forfeit loss=0pt, forfeit win=3pt, bye=3pt. BXVI is clearly superior to the competition. The league is called “MX2” for some reason. There is no “MX1” and it seems the Lords staff have made a mistake in the name as there is a “MX3” and “MX4”. Go figure. 

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