Jackson 5 So Unlucky

Jackson 5 dominated the Battle of the Law Firms yet again. Yet it was not to be this time… the Jackson 5 players kept Minter Ellison under enourmous pressure throughout the entire game, refusing to give in to the frustration of not scoring.

It was a game of missed opportunities where Jackson 5 was denied by spectacular goal keeping. Whenever Minter’s keeper fumbled, the goal posts were there to keep the ball out. There was also at least three times when a Jackson 5 player was deliberately tripped over in Minter’s penalty area and should have been a penalty, but the referee did not see them.

Every single player for Jackson 5 gave their best in a physically tough game. Of particular note were Jamie Blanchard’s excellent positioning, giving him a number of shooting opportunities (that he didn’t score is no reflection on his skill or determination). Danielle Winzenried, Catherine Haydon and Tara played superbly, each going so close to scoring, Monty and Alex Lustig dominated their opponents, Matt Bowen was rock solid in goals, not making one mistake, and Mike Haydon finally got his speed back (if only the fitness could catch up).

In one of the few moments, a momentary lapse in concentration by Jackson 5 (and perhaps frustration) allowed a Minters player a clear run at goals, shooting powerfully to beat Matt.

There can be no player of the match award this week as every single player was player of the match. It was an amazing game and the players all enjoyed it, despite the result.

Final result 1-0 to Minter Ellison. Final Analysis – this was Jackson 5 playing at the top of their game. Another night, a bit of luck and Jackson 5 would have won the game 5-0 (no joke – the Jackson 5 domination was that complete).

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