BXVI Breaks Through to Double Figures

In a thrilling destruction of “Norfolk’n’Chance” (NFC), BXVI finally broke through to double figures, posting an impressive 10-0 victory on 19 May 2008 in the A-Grade, Lords Mixed Indoor Soccer Competition.

Norfolk never had a “folk’n’Chance” against the crushing pressure of BXVI. Almost from the whistle, BXVI determined to break their three game streak of 9-1 victories to further solidify their position as league leaders.

Five goals were scored by Chico in his usual dashing style, one by Rachel, three by Tim Haydon and one by Gerard Cummins.

NFC, to their credit, kept playing the game even though they were 8-0 down with 10 minutes to play. In previous weeks, the opposition has tried every stalling tactic possible (like kicking the ball onto another field of play – for which the referee gave a yellow card) to stop the endless stream of goals from BXVI.

This takes BXVI’s goal tally to 63-7 in 9 games, a 900% goal difference which only serves to further highlight their prowess.

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