BXVI Demolishes Former Champions

Once again stamping their mark firmly on the A-grade Mixed Indoor Soccer Competition at Lords Sporting Complex, BXVI comprehensively took apart former A-grade champions Footloose to win 6-1.

Even such a high score flattered Footloose, with their substitute goalkeeper performing brilliantly, denying many goal-scoring opportunities. The sole goal that got past BXVI keeper Mike Haydon was a slow looping ball that he lost in the lights til it dribbled into the back of the net, much to Mike’s chagrin.

Two great goals by Chiko (aka “the goal scoring machine”), a brilliant through ball from Mike Haydon to set up a Tim Haydon goal and goals from Gerard Cummins and Justin Carrick were outclassed by a spectacular two touch volley from Dave Haydon. Even injured, Dave showed the former champions how to play futsal.

Player of the night award goes to Catherine Haydon. BXVI star defender Melissa Haydon can’t play for several weeks because she got her wisdom teeth out, but they took so much of her jaw bone out that if she gets knocked in the mouth it will break her jaw. Catherine had a huge responsibility to live up to. She has only been playing soccer for a few months and was filling the shoes of someone who grew up playing soccer with her brothers. Catherine did an impressive job and BXVI thanks her sincerely for her efforts.

*Sidenote: Footloose were the A-grade champions for several seasons until BXVI burst onto the A-grade scene 3 seasons ago. In their first A-grade season, BXVI beat Footloose 7-2 in the grand final and have not looked back since. While Footloose remain a dominant force in the competition (before last night’s result, Footloose were second on the A-grade ladder… behind BXVI), they have been measured by BXVI and found wanting.

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