Jackson 5 Goes Oh So Close

Chasing their first win of the season, Jackson 5 got off to a great start against Mixed Nuts. In a rather uneventful first half, Mike Haydon scored one of his trademark “take on a couple of players and score” goals that left Jackson 5 leading 1-0 at half time.

An ankle injury to Jeremy Forsyth left Jackson 5 without substitutes early in the second half, shaking up Jackson 5 enough that Mixed Nuts pulled a goal back, levelling the scores. But Alex Lustig put all that out of his mind when he got the ball deep in his own half, fended off two players and scored a screamer of a goal.

One minute from the end of the game, with Jackson 5 struggling from the intensity and lack of substitutes, a corner from Mike Haydon was cut out by a Mixed Nuts player, leaving Bronwen Edel and Matt Bowen exposed to an onslaught of Mixed Nuts desperate to score. An unorthodox shot left Matt unsighted and Mixed Nuts drew the sides level with seconds to go.

A final flurry of shots by Alex Lustig, Mike Haydon and Tristan Cockman were just not quite enough to produce that elusive win.

Player of the match award goes to Alex Lustig for a great goal and his tireless suport of both offense and defense, with special mention going to Bronwen Edel, Matt Bowen and Tristan Cockman for their superb defense.

On behalf of Jackson 5, we hope Jeremy Forsyth makes a speedy and full recovery.

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