And So It Begins…

Welcome to the inaugural posting on Mike, Russ and Monty’s site. This site has been running for some time, but we have just brought it to the form of a blog.

As you will see, we have many adventures, which we wish to share with you. We are the world cheese toast champions, we make strange bets (like that Russ will be 5% body fat by the end of the year or he pays Mike & Monty $1,000 each, but if he does make it they don’t pay him), we go to gold class movies and eat out at Sizzlers. We play Dance Revolution (well Mike and Russ do… Monty sucks at it – Mike even managed to beat him when Mike had a dislocated knee!).

We are all active: Mike plays soccer, Russ dances and Monty plays hockey.

Welcome to our lives, we hope you find it as interesting as we do :)

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