BXVI Contained… For a Half

Proving that they are not completely invincible, BXVI were incredibly held to only 1-0 for the first half against Happy Mutleys. This is the lowest score BXVI has made in one half for several seasons and exposes a potential weakness in the squad…

Happy Mutleys came out striking – being generally larger than the BXVI players, the Mutleys threw around their weight with complete disregard as to whether they could injure someone. In a display seen more on the rugby field, the Mutts tried to stamp their own brand of soccer on the game. The referee is well known for being exceedingly weak, preferring to just let the game flow, rather than give a free kick for an aggressive shoulder charge by a 6 foot 5, 110kg guy against a 5 foot 5, 55 kg girl, which knocked her off her feet. This is an example of the entire first half.

In the second half, it seemed that the referee realised that there was a raft of fouls being committed (could it have been the fights that broke out when the larger BXVI players got fed up with having their legs taken out illegally and told by the referee that nothing was wrong?). Needless to say, after the referee handed out 5 yellow (warning) cards, 4 of which were given to the Mutts, the Mutts cut down on their aggression and acutally tried to play soccer.

Once the game became soccer, rather than some sport akin to martial arts, BXVI displayed their superior skill, finishing the game 6-0, with another clean sheet to Mike Haydon.

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