BXVI Again Triumphs

On 18 March 2009 at 10:30 pm, BXVI faced the formidable task of holding onto their reputation created by last weeks game. The old team was present, Mike, Melis, Dave, Cat, Chico and Andrea, with Monty the new recruit from Jackson 5.

Facing BXVI were their old rivals from Lords, now going by the name of MK Jets. Monty, still carrying a hamstring injury from the previous week, played in goals.

The game was intense, with many attacks and counter attacks. Dave and Chico were brilliant, Chico dazzling the Jets with blinding pace and fleetness, Dave bamboozling the defence with his skill and ball control. Cat was astounding in defence, blocking everything the Jets threw at her.

The game ended 14-1. Dave scored 8 goals, Chico scored 6 and Mike scored 1. Reputation held :)

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