BXVI Starts New Season With A Bang

BXVI has reformed and is now playing at Revolution Sports Centre on Wednesday nights.

The first game of the new season was against Tom Cats. Now I don’t want to be rude, but Tom Cats were an all girls team playing in a mixed competition. That would be fine if they were good players. But to be perfectly honest, there weren’t any.

BXVI soundly thrashed Tom Cats 31-0… yep, that’s thirty one to nil. There’s only 32 minutes in a game. Here is where I’d talk about how well BXVI played, how Dave Haydon scored 18 goals, how Monty scored 8, how Mike scored 4 and how Marguerite Klup scored 1, but it just feels like something was missing. We’ve all played easy games, but this was just too easy. BXVI had no substitutes and Monty hurt his hamstring in the first few minutes and played in goals (for only the second time) for the second half. Most of the game was spent going from scoring a goal back to the line for Tom Cats to take the restart. They only had one shot on goals all game, from a long way out and it never troubled Monty.

All in all, good way to start a new season, get rid of the cobwebs, setup our goal difference and hone our goalscoring radars. Too easy, let’s hope the next few games are more interesting.

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