BXVI Emerges Victorious From the Carnage

In the battle for top position in the mixed indoor soccer competition at Revolution Sports Centre, BXVI had to go through Smurfs. Facing their toughest opposition yet, and a genuine premiership contender, BXVI held strong, fought off wave after wave of attack and counter-attack, to emerge victorious from the carnage that was a 10-7 scoreline.

soccer boot and ball

Smurfs were brilliant in attack and were definitely a match up front for BXVI. However, Smurfs lacked a full time goalkeeper and suffered from defensive blunders that BXVI was good enough to put away. Oh, don’t get me wrong, BXVI had the upper hand through the entire match, but Smurfs kept coming right to the end. The main flaw in the Smurfs game-play was that they weren’t hungry for goals like BXVI. When Smurfs were in front of goals they kept passing or dribbling until there was a clear opportunity. Melissa and Cat fought brilliantly in defense, backed up by Chico and Dave.

There was desperate defending by both sides throughout the game, with the scores tied at 6-6 at half time. Scores were locked there for most of the second half, until a goal by Monty opened the floodgates, with Dave and Chico adding three more to the one Smurf’s goal.

The last few minutes of the second half were frantic, with both sides desperate for the win, neither giving quarter until the final siren ended a fantastic, hard-fought game 10-7 in favour of BXVI. Dave scored 6 goals, Chico scored 3 and Monty scored 1.

Check out the ladder after this week:

BXVI Ladder Week3

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