You Win Some, You Lose Some

Jackson 5 played out an entertaining match against Floreat Frogs at Revolution Sports Centre last night. Jackson 5 started the game a player short and Floreat went 3 goals up before Jackson 5 had a full team, which made the final score of 7-3 against Jackson 5 flattering, to say the least. A draw would have been the correct result, given the way both teams played.

Both Alex Lustig and Monty scored scintilating goals; Alex twice twisting like an eel to deal death blows to sloppy Frog’s defending; Monty combining with Alex, finishing the move with a hook shot around his body. Unfortunately, Mike Haydon, still feeling the effects of being kicked in the head two nights before, was unusually ineffective in front of goals.

Incredible saves from player of the night Matt Bowen kept the Frogs at bay, while Annabel Treagold, Danielle “I’ve never done this before” Winzenried, Jen Keane, Cat Haydon and Tanya kept the pressure up throughout the game through skilfull and persistent playing.

A flattering result for the Frogs and Jackson 5 can hold their heads up high for a job well done… Sometimes things just don’t go your way. There’s always next week.

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