BXVI – Emerging Futsal Superteam

BXVI crushed last season’s semi-finalists “Family Matters” in a 7-2 goal feast last night to extend their winning streak to 6 games out of 6 and further extend their lead on the Lords mixed indoor soccer ladder.

For the second week in a row, BXVI indoor soccer team played the second placed side. Last week’s second placed team became the third placed after BXVI demolished them. Yet again, the BXVI machine proved too strong for the opposition, even though half the team were absent.

The goals were flowing steadily for BXVI until a Family Matters girl ignored physics and the rules of the game, continuing to run at goalkeeper Mike Haydon after he had the ball in his hands, kneeing him in the head while he was bent over. After that incident, BXVI stepped up the pace firing 20 shots at the Family Matters goalkeeper in the space of five minutes.

Family Matters, overcoming a lazy defensive blunder, scored to make it 3-2 with 10 minutes left in the game. Instantly, BXVI went into overdrive, with Justin Carrick and Dave Haydon combining with brilliant one-touch soccer, ripping apart the Family Matters defense for Dave to score a well executed goal 15 seconds after the kickoff.

BXVI kept the pressure on Family Matters, exposing numerous weaknesses in their defense. BXVI’s motto became “just keep shooting at them… some will go in the goals”.

Futsal 2007
Creative Commons License photo credit: CpaKmoi

Tight defensive work by Tanya, Justin, Dave and Catherine for BXVI backed up the fireworks going on up front. An incredible reflex save by Mike Haydon, with the ball at waist height and Mike horizontal in mid air was a definite highlight of the night.

Even though Dave Haydon, Justin Carrick and Chiko were denied by the woodwork and desperate defending on so many occasions, the game finished 7-2, with BXVI yet to do anything wrong this season. Goal tally for this season: 26 goals for, 4 goals against. Remarkable statistics for 5 games played (one round was a bye, which counts as a win, so BXVI are 6 wins for the season).

Player of the night was Chiko, who bagged 4 goals and just kept running all night, playing in attack and defense. A brilliant effort, well rewarded and well deserved.

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