Jackson 5 Claws Their Way Back

In an awesome display of grit and determination, Jackon 5 indoor soccer team pulled back three goals against one of the top teams to draw a thrilling opening game of the season at Revolution Sports Centre last night.

A nervous start by Jackson 5 saw Floreat Frogs quickly and convincingly take the lead. The Frogs, one of the top teams in the mixed competition, scored three goals within the first 5 minutes of the game. Jackson 5, expecting to lose to such a formidable opponent, nonetheless pulled together against great odds to draw 3-3.

A superb hat-trick from Richard Vinciullo, rock-solid play by Bron Edel and Catherine Haydon, including a hair-raising goal-line save by Bron, paled in comparison to the death-defying antics of Matt Bowen in goals. Time and time again he kept out everything that the Frogs threw at him.

Despite the Frogs illegally having more men on the field than permitted in the dying minutes of the game and even though the Frogs had several substitutes and Jackson 5 were without any, Jackson 5 held strong and claimed an exhilarating draw in the face of great odds.

Congratulations to the players: Richard Vinciullo, Bron Edel, Cat Haydon, Mike Haydon and Matt Bowen.

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