BXVI Skittles Laddles

BXVI faced a difficult prospect this week against an unpredictable Laddles side eager for their first win of the season. BXVI were missing superstars Chico, Chris Laundy and Monty, with veteran Justin Carrick making his first appearance in six months.

Though there were no guy substitutes, the result was never in doubt with Dave Haydon thumping home 8 goals, Marguerite Klup scoring one with an excellent finish and Mike Haydon coolly slotting home from a move he started from goals.

Cat was staunch in defence and set up one of Dave’s goals with a sweet pass under pressure right to Dave’s feet. Mel Haydon was her usual brilliant self, even though she was the victim of the debutant referee’s lack of knowledge of the game at times. Mel blocked a long shot by one of the Laddles players, stretching for the ball, only to have the referee call it a slide tackle (prohibited in indoor soccer). The problem was that Mel wasn’t near a Laddles player (so it couldn’t have been a slide tackle) and she wasn’t on the ground when she kicked the ball (also prohibited). Laddles were awarded a penalty for that which they converted with a hard bottom corner shot on their second attempt. The first attempt was brought back because the referee thought he had to blow the whistle twice before a penalty could be taken (you only need one whistle). Sometimes you just wish the referee would read the rules first :mad:

Dave’s last goal will go down as one of the goals of the season. Laddles had just scored their third goal in the last minute of the game and Dave was determined that BXVI would end on a high note. Taking the kickoff, Dave shot with an outside of the foot curving rocket with the siren sounding as the ball was in flight. The Laddles keeper was rooted to the spot as BXVI celebrated another clean sweep. Final result 10-3.

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