BXVI Sees Out Chief Rivals

BXVI faced their toughest challenge in the competition last night – the only other team in the competition to have won every game played and the team with the best defensive record in the league: Deceptacons. It was an epic struggle between two worthy opponents. Neither team gave quarter, neither asked for any.

Deceptacons were the first on the scoreboard within the first two minutes. Justin’s strike to level the scores was inspired, followed quickly by a rocket from Dave to put BXVI in the lead 2-1. But Deceptacons had an answer, splitting the defence with a perfectly timed pass to level the scores 2-2 at half time.

Deceptacons had such a skilled attack that Meliss, Cat and Marguerite had their work cut out trying to contain the attacks. Full credit to them, they frustrated wave after wave of attack all game, supported by Justin, Monty & Dave (when Mike was not in goals, he didn’t really do much defending, spending his time in attack).

In the break between halves, Monty galvanised BXVI into greater effort, focusing particularly on keeping a tight defence. Anyone would think he was just trying to get out of playing too hard, as Monty replaced Mike in goals for the second half.

The second half started well for BXVI and Mike was soon on the scoreboard with a corner pass meant for Marguerite intercepted by Deceptacons, but knocked straight into Mikes path for a swivelling low corner shot goal.

Again, Deceptacons came back to level the scores 3-3, but Daves long range rocket of a shot into the bottom corner took BXVI back ahead. Yep, you guessed, Deceptacons scored yet again to make it 4-4!

Mike dribbled past the defence and shot through the keepers legs to make it 5-4, then Dave finally got the breakthrough, nutmegging a defender, holding off another, while smashing the ball into the back of the net to give BXVI a 2 goal buffer.

Mike then had a superb chance when he beat the keeper but just couldn’t get around the final defender to make it 7-4. The defender was so small she barely reached Mike’s chest and he had difficulty seeing her with his back to the goals. Would BXVI rue this wasted opportunity?

Monty made some fine reflex saves to keep the Deceptacons out, but they pulled one back with a minute to go. 6-5. Mike and Dave decided to slow the play down and run down the clock, so from the restart, Mike passed to Dave who held the ball up in BXVI’s attacking forward line. With 30 seconds remaining and BXVI frantically defending the Deceptacons intense pressure, Mike trod on the ball and took out one of the Deceptacons’ girls earning her a free kick. However, it was too little too late and the siren put an end to an epic game.

BXVI won the game 6-5 and now go 3 points clear at the top of the league table, having scored 50 more goals than any other team in the competition and conceded only 1 more than the best defence (Deceptacons).

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