BXVI Scrapes Through

Well, BXVI looked a completely different team against third placed US Average last night. Unfortunately, it was the worst start BXVI has ever had in their 10 or so seasons together. Average took the center kick-off to start the game, but Mike wasn’t lined up right in the wall. The shot cannoned off Mike’s calf past Monty in goals, who had no chance.

That got Average’s confidence up while stunning BXVI, so in the first 5 minutes of the game, BXVI struggled. To their credit, though, they pulled a goal back through a great piece of finishing by Justin, who scored his first goal of the season. However, it wasn’t til midway through the second half before BXVI put their second away (thanks Monty), which caused Average to ramp up their efforts.

It would be fair to say that BXVI played terribly. People not supporting attacks, so the person with the ball had no-one to pass to; having 2 guys and a girl on one Average player, then when they got rid of the ball, those three players moving to the new player with the ball (otherwise known as ball watching); easy passes badly missing their target; shots not even troubling the opposing keeper; in defense, not watching the free players, leading to easy goal-scoring opportunities, etc.

While Dave went searching for the goal to put the game beyond doubt, a number of defensive blunders left two Average guys with acres of space and only Melis in a position to do anything (other than Mike in goals). While Melis put pressure on the guy with the ball, Mike came running out of his area, causing the Average guy to fumble the ball, which was the only opening Melis needed to take the ball. Seconds later, a barrage of attacks on Mike’s goal was just kept out, leaving Cat on the bench with frayed nerves. Thankfully, Mike kept his cool and aided by Melissa’s expert defending, kept Average from scoring. The game ended 2-1 with BXVI happy to collect the points, but ruing a host of wasted chances.

Thankfully we got the points after making all those mistakes, but hopefully, we’ll learn from them and NEVER make them again.

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