BXVI Blitzes Old Rivals

Yet again, BXVI crushed old time rivals Footloose. There was a time when BXVI and Footloose were the top two sides in the competition. Sadly, Footloose no longer provides a challenge, other than their whinging.

Honestly, we’ve never seen another team that complains as much as Footloose does. It’s really quite hilarious. One of their main guys is around 6ft tall, probably 35/40 years old and would easily weigh 120 kg. He really plays hard, as in throws his body around without caring who’s in the way. He’s hurt our girls a few times. Well he’s the biggest culprit in the whinging department! We think he’s Serbian, so I’ll call him Seb. Examples from last night:

Seb was one-on-one with Mike (goalkeeper). Mike ran out to stop the shot or clear the ball. Seb flicked the ball away and ran straight into Mike (who was stationary at the time), then fell back appealing for a free kick. Mike barely felt the contact, but was shown a yellow card (thinking of where the ref was standing, that’s understandable – it would have looked bad from his angle);

Seb was fouled on the edge of the area by one of the BXVI players. The ball spilled to Mike who picked it up and went to give it to Seb to take the free kick. But that wasn’t good enough for Seb. He pushed players out of the way and started pushing Mike to give him the ball. Of course Mike wasn’t just going to hand over the ball with Seb acting like a baby;

The ball went out for a Footloose kick-in (call could have gone either way). Dave (for BXVI) didn’t realize the ref had blown for Footloose to take it. None of the Footloose players came to take the kick-in. The ball was brought back so Footloose could take it. But that was too much for Seb – in the middle of the game, he went up to the ref and started complaining about it. The ref told him to shut it and said “well none of you came to take the kick-in”;

At the end of the game, as is normal practice in sport all around the world, all the players shake hands with the opposing team. Seb stalked off, right past Mike. Mike offered his hand, but Seb acted like a baby and pretended Mike wasn’t there.

OK, so enough of the bad sportsmanship… Let’s get back to the match review.

The game finished 5-1. Tim Haydon scored a bullet from a fair way out, Chico scored twice and Dave once. But the real news is that Andrea scored! She got herself into the right place at the right time, then when she got the ball there was no hesitation shooting cleanly into the back of the net.

Other than the complaints by Seb, the game was exciting, with BXVI dominating possession and the shots on goal. Full credit should go to the Footloose keeper, who played magnificently, denying BXVI on too many occasions to count. Time and time again, the wonderful passing by BXVI split the Footloose defence, with only desperate goalkeeping giving Footloose a semi-respectable score line.

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