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BXVI Takes the Game to Norfolk ‘n’ Chance

In a thrilling epic, came back from 1-0 down to win 7-2 against second from top team Norfolk ‘n’ Chance (“NFC”) in the Lords’ mixed indoor soccer competition.

A defensive blunder in the opening minute left BXVI reeling as a NFC player shot powerfully into the bottom corner.

BXVI responded with a flood of goals, four coming from Dave Haydon, one from Justin Carrick, one from Tim Haydon and one own goal by NFC.

It was a game marred by numerous wasted opportunities by BXVI, failing to capitalise on NFC’s lack of cohesion. Many shots were blasted wide without thinking, when a simple tap would have sufficed.

Adding to the goalkeeper’s frustration, on a number of occasions, BXVI defenders ignored the keeper’s “notice of control”, with Tim Haydon once taking it out of Mike Haydon’s hands in a crowded area in such a way that BXVI were lucky not to have another goal scored against them.

It is amazing that BXVI continues to dominate the competition, given the numerous mistakes the players make continuously. It seems there is something missing, something not quite right. We are still trying to figure out what that is.

Even Mike Haydon (who had just won the “fairest and best” award for the indoor soccer competition at another venue) was not immune from making a silly, costly error. With 5 seconds on the clock, a NFC player shot powerfully from long range straight into Mike Haydon’s hands, but he could not hold the shot. It slipped through his fingers and meandered into the goal, about 1 second before the siren blew.

Final score 7-2.

Throwing the Weights Around

Mike Haydon:

Just worked out with my brother Dave Haydon at the gym in my spare room. Wow, that was intense. We went for the overall body workout:

Exercise Reps Sets
Squats x15 x3
Bench x15 x3
Deadlift x15 x3
Upright Row x15 x3
Military Press x15 x3

Doesn’t look much when you put it to paper, but sure felt it afterward! The final set of each exercise was done to failure, so it was a bit over 15 for the final. The rest between each set was the time it took the other to do their set. I lost count on the second set of squats while Dave talked about the stock market and ended up doing probably around 30 squats that set.

IMO, it’s a great idea to train with a partner. You give each other the motivation to train. Dave & I have been training together twice per week for a couple of months now. He injured his knee not too long ago, so he wasn’t able to do legwork, but that’s all fine now.

Ghost Town Siege

In sleepy old Perth, where the shops close at 6:00 pm every day, it seems someone has decided to liven things up for us a bit. has said that the Perth Stock Exchange Building is under siege by a guy with a gun. For the benefit of the US audience – guns in Perth are pretty much only seen IN gun clubs and on rifle ranges. It would be like a tank rolling through the streets of New York – it just doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, my window doesn’t face the building, but there are a couple of helicopters hovering just outside my window (my phone camera doesn’t take good closeups, but if they turn out ok, I’ll post them here) and the police have blocked off part of one of our main streets.