Jackson 5 Comprehensively Taken Apart

Facing Floreat Frogs, Jackson 5 was again taken apart by a team with an endless supply of substitutes as well as fancy passing on 11 June 2008.

The scoreline of 7-2 flattered the Frogs, with Jackson 5 failing to capitalise on several golden opportunities and the Frogs having a five minute period of “goal heaven”.

With star keeper Matt Bowen out due to other commitments, Jamie Blanchard stepped up to the challenge. Playing his first game for Jackson 5 in the #1 jersey, Jamie performed excellently, with the goals against being no reflection on how he played. Jamie managed some excellent saves, even though he was injured, showing a great level of skill and concentration.

Ex Semi-Pro Dave Haydon (Mike’s younger brother) seemed unusually lost in his first game for Jackson 5, being unable to handle the rigours of defence. He did, however, setup the Jackson 5’s first goal of the game, skillfully passing to Mike, who shot through the opposition goalkeeper’s legs.

The real star of the game was Alex Lustig, who tirelessly kept the attacking options open, scoring an excellent solo goal.

Better luck next time.

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