All-Conquering BXVI Surges Further Ahead

With breathtaking skill, incredible pressure and deadly accuracy, BXVI crushed newcomers “Through the Gap” 9-1 😯 on Monday 28 April 2008. Through the Gap were sitting confidently at second place on the ladder, before playing BXVI. However, they were simply outclassed by a far superior side.

A feast of goals from Chico, Justin Carrick and Tim Haydon ensured Through the Gap were constantly under fire. There were so many goals that our statistician lost track of who scored which goal, though it has been confirmed that the trio scored multiple goals each.

There were some tense times in defense for BXVI (well ok, not that many, but they WERE tense) with two VERY close own goals, but the ball stayed out. Mike Haydon as goalkeeper was called on several times and made some excellent saves.

Creative Commons License photo credit: LeRamz

BXVI’s defense was magnificent. Missing regular players Melissa and Catherine Haydon, with the help of “on the night” recruits Jacenta and Rachel, BXVI held tight in defense, denying many shots and forcing Through the Gap to make numerous errors in attack.

Player of the night was Tim Haydon, who continued to play even when he was injured (only slightly, but he WAS limping). It is confirmed that he scored at least three goals, two were dribbled cut backs and the other… Well he took the ball out of Mike Haydon’s hands (DANGEROUS ❗ ), sprinted for the opposition goals… taking on the entire team… shot… goalkeeper saved it… ball rebounded at chest height and Tim did an acrobatic kick to seal the deal 😀

One thought on “All-Conquering BXVI Surges Further Ahead”

  1. As mother & mother-in-law of many of the regular team, all I can say is “What a champion team” or is it a “Team of champions!!!”
    Well done to the Superstar BXVIs

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